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An estimated one billion people worldwide do not have basic ID credentials that can establish their age, name and date of birth. They can be considered invisible. This means that they will not be able to prove their identity which can lead to exclusion from healthcare services, IT Services, education and society also. In this blog, we will discuss in detail the importance of a credible identification system and how biometrics like face, retina and iris can ensure it.

Why is a credible identification system required?

There are many marginalized communities in a country that face the risk of marginalization. Among them are displaced people, people with disabilities, minorities and people residing in remote corners. Biometric identification for over 1 billion people will build an inclusive society. Beneficiaries of healthcare services, public distribution systems and national employment schemes, among others, require identification. The following will delve further into why a credible identification system is required.


•    Providing documents like passports, voter IDs, visas, and drivers' licenses becomes easier

•    Rolling out government programs and social welfare schemes becomes easier

•    Prevents any risk of identity fraud, making online and offline access to government services

•    Citizens can claim health insurance under various social welfare schemes

•    Absenteeism of government employees can be checked efficiently

•    Better learning outcomes can be achieved by ensuring the children attend classes 

•    Criminals can be tracked down with a credible identification system

•    Efficient allocation of commodities like daily ration among people

•    Transfer of benefits directly into the bank accounts of the people

•    Better banking facilities for the citizens with the help of e-KYC


Identification systems across the world


Identification systems use biometric solutions that will capture the face, retina scan or iris scan. 


•    Malaysia, Brazil and Indonesia are a few countries which have partially managed to establish a credible identification system.

•    The Brazilian government announced the launch of the Carteira de Identidade Nacional (CIN), which will replace the current national identity document called Registro Geral (RG).

•    MyKAD is the identification system of Malyasia that can help a citizen make payments at public infrastructure places such as toll plazas, car parks and railway stations. To prevent any fraud, the Malaysian ID card has biometric security information on a computer chip along with photo identification.

•            Indonesian national identity card called Karta Tanda Penduduk (KTP) helps streamline the bureaucratic process.  

How is Aadhaar becoming a benchmark for identification systems?

Aadhaar became the first identification system in India that uses biometric data, making it one of the most credible identification systems in the world, apart from being the largest biometric identification program. The program aims to achieve social inclusion and more efficient public and private service delivery. It has helped the government in digitizing subsidy flows and financial services, recording attendance for government employees to reduce absenteeism, issuance of passports, driving licenses, voter identity cards and other forms of ID. Establishing a citizen's identity uses biometrics such as fingerprints, face images and iris images to distinguish more than 1.3 billion Indian citizens. Since the card stores the individual's details in a government database, losing the card will not be an issue. The database of Aadhaar is incorruptible, protecting the details of all citizens. Privacy of the individuals is maintained as security and storage protocols are in place. Aadhaar is a robust identification system that enables handling more than one million registrations per day, enabling Biometric Identification for Over 1 Billion People. Aadhaar has allowed millions to participate in the country's economic life and has aided in eliminating duplicate, non-existent and fake beneficiaries.  

NEC’s biometric solutions can help in providing an immersive experience 

Aadhaar is a biometric solution for providing credible identification to people. Likewise, face recognition technology of NEC is also helping in improving the experience of people. NeoFace is a face recognition technology developed by NEC, which is recognized worldwide being the best. Face Recognition has been integrated into interactive National Soccer Hall to improve the experience of museum-goers. The face recognition technology has created an immersive experience for them that has never been done in halls of fame. The face recognition technology that has been integrated into interactive National Soccer Hall will provide a unique experience to each visitor based on their likes and dislikes.    


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